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Deluxe Bungallow on Ko Chang Island

Ko Chang is the Biggest of Thai Islands, long time disputed between the Khmer and Siam Kingdoms, it bears the name of the Mountains of the Elephant, mainly spread over Cambodia.... you understood that Chang means Elephant in Thai.

Ko Chang wide habitable areas allows a wide variety of athmospheres and quality of Accommodation, long and short beaches provide all range of room rates and hotel categories, private bungallows and internatinoal chains propose now some of the beast hotel deals on.

Ko Chang Trat Access Information:

Schedule changes are not uncommon so you might want to check for the latest flight times. The Trat office of Bangkok Airways can be reached on 039-525- 777 and the airport contact is 039-525-767/8. If you take the later flight and it is delayed in any way then don't worry - they hold the last ferry to Koh Chang to meet minibuses from the airport.

Buses From Bangkok Probably 111e best way to get down to Koh Chang is by bus from Either Ekamai - Bangkok's Eastern Bus terminal , or Morchit.

- the Northern terminal.
The frequent departures from both are detailed in the table below. Buses take from four to six hours to get down to Trat or to the Koh Chang. Most convenient are the buses run by Tanakawee or 99 Express that go directly to the ferry stops at Centrepoint and Ao Thammachat. Expect to pay around 250 Baht for your journey. If you get a bus to Trat, the nearest town to Koh Chang you will arrive at Trat's new bus station, about 1km out of town (See the Trat Map). Taxis will be waiting to take you the 20 kilometres to the Koh Chang ferry for about 180 Baht. You can reduce this to 40-50 Baht if you are prepared to wait and take a shared taxi.

There are also minibuses that pick up from guesthouses around Khao San Road in Bangkok and travel directly to the ferry departure point at Laem Ngop. Bookings can be made from any of the scores of travel agents in this area. The buses leave at 7-8am and take 5 or 6 hours. The trip costs around 250B including ferry crossing.



Minibuses return to Bangkok at 1 1am every day from Laem Ngop.
Cherdchai Tour    Tanakawee
(02-391-2237)    (02-391 -2331)
Ekamai    Trat to     Ekamai to    Ferry (Ao
to Trat Ekamai     Ferry (Ao    Tammachat)
06.00 am 07.00 am     Tommachcrt)    b Khoo Sari
07.00 am 08.00 am     08.30 am    Rd.
09.30 am 09.00 am        11.30 am
11.00 am    Ekamai    Trat to
12.30 am    10.00 am    to Trat     Ekamai
01.15 pm 11.00 am     10.30 am     10.00 am
02.00 pm 12.00 pm     12.00 pm     10.30 am
03.30 pm 0 1.00 pm     04.40 pm     12.00 pm
05.30 pm 02.00 pm     06.30 pm     02.00 pm
07.30 pm 04.00 pm     10.30 pm    08.00 pm
08.30 pm 06.00 pm         
10.00 pm 09.30 pm    Morchit     Trat to
11.00 pm    11.00 pm    to Trat    Morchit
11.30 pm    11.30 pm    (via Airport)     (via Airport)
Morchit    Trat to    06.00 am     07.30 am
to Trat    Morchit     09.30 am     09.30 am
(via Airport) (via Airport)    12.30 pm     12.30 pm
8.30am    8.30am    03.30 pm     04.00pm
5.30pm    2.30pm    11.00 pm    
Buses From Suvarnabhumi Airport

All the bus services that leave from Morchit bus terminal stop to pick up passengers at Suvarnabhumi airport's bus station. This is linked to the airport by a free white shuttle bus. The 99 Express buses from Ekamai also stop here. For departure times add twenty minutes to the Bangkok departure times in the timetable.
Buses From Pattaya/Koh Samet

Daily minibus services operate from Pattaya via Aan Pae (ferry port for Koh Samet) to the ferry departure point at Laem Ngop. The cost is around 400B from Pattaya or 300B from Ban Pae and the journey takes 4 or 2.5 hours respectively.
Going to Laem Ngop the service leaves Pattaya at 8am. It picks up in Ban Pae at 1 1am. A return service leaves Laem Ngop at 1pm daily. Public buses leave for Pattaya from Trat's bus station at 05.00, 09.30, 12.00 and 15.00 daily. It's a long hot journey and the minibus option is more comfortable.

By Car
Eastern Thailand and its islands can be easily reached by road and three regular car ferries operate to Koh Chang.
There are two main driving routes from Bangkok, both around 310km long.
The first route is to take Highway 3, the Bangna - Trat road. There is a quicker elevated tollway running above Highway 3. Continue until the Chonburi Bypass and here turn off onto Highway 344. Follow this road past Ban Bung and when you reach the Klaeng Crossroads turn back onto Highway 3 and continue on towards Trat.

Alternatively you can leave Bangkok on the Motorway that is a continuation of the Rama IX, Srinikarin road. This road goes onwards and meets highway 344 where you can continue to Trat as detailed above.

To avoid Trat and go directly to the ferry departure points turn right onto the wellsignposted Laem Ngop road about 20km outside Trat.
Driving from Pattaya take Highway 36 which joins Highway 3 heading towards Trat shortly after Rayong.
Private transfers to and from the island can be arranged with Evolution Tour on 089 603 9642.
Travel From Cambodia

If you're coming to Koh Chang from Cambodia then it is most convenient to head for the border crossing at Hat Lek, close to the Cambodian town of Koh Kong. One month Thai visas can be obtained for free at the border. Just over the border in Thailand a minibus to Trat leaves every 45 minutes during border opening hours. It costs 100 Baht and takes just over an hour.
In Cambodia you can get to Koh Kong via daily minibus services from both Phnom Penh

Overseas Calls 15B/Min Ticket Reconfirmations
White Sand Beach, Map (i48 (50 metres after Paddy's Palms)

Ekamai to Ferries - 07.45 am, 09.45 am Ferries to Ekamai - 02.00 pm, 04.00 pm (service also stops at Suvarnabhumi Airport)

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